3rd Party Test Result

Surgical Mask Test Results.

VPL is registered with the FDA.  To ensure our masks provide the utmost safety to our customers we have our masks their party tested at Nelson Labs.  Our 3 ply masks have tested ASTM level 3, the highest rating for a disposable 3 ply masks.  Below are test results.

PFE Test Results: PFE test evaluates the non viable particle retention at a sub micron level.  To qualify for maximum protection for a surgical mask the result should be at 98%. Our 3 ply surgical masks tested over 99.20%.   Full Report


BFE Test Results:  The BFE test is meant to measure the resistance of the materials and components of above described medical devices to bacteria penetration.  To qualify for maximum protection for a surgical mask the result should be at 98%.  Our masks tested at an average of 98.32%. Full Report


Differential Pressure Test Results:  This test is used to determine the breathability of masks.  Our masks far exceeded the requirement of being less than 5.0.  Full Report


Synthetic Blood Penetration Test: This procedure was performed to evaluate surgical face masks and other types of protective clothing materials designed to protect against fluid penetration. The purpose of this procedure is to simulate an arterial spray and evaluate the effectiveness of the test article in protecting the user from possible exposure to blood and other body fluids. All masks tested passed synthetic blood spray at 160 mmHg.  Full Report


Flammability Test:  A flammability test is performed to evaluate the flammability of the fabric by measuring the ease of ignition and speed of flame spread.  VPL Masks were classified at the highest level at Class 1.  Full Report

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